It is not “negative” it is called thinking.

They believe all this is "negative"
Some ME, CFS, and Lyme activists want to dumb all this down to one word, “negative”

Some activists who analyze what activists do are called “negative” by some in the ME, ( the Medically Abusive Definition ) CFS, and Lyme community. This kind of analysis is not negative.

When you see something which does not work you state it and analyze it. The process is called “thinking”. Claiming it is “negative” dumbs everything down. It puts up a block to further analysis. It turns activism into nothing more than follow the leader. Activism becomes stagnant, and no one learns from their own and others experience. We need to think, analyze, and learn to adapt to get better at what we do. Different ideas are awesome. Anyone who claims different ideas are “negative” are not engaged in analytical thinking. They do not learn from history and therefore they do not adapt. If they understood this they would not use a trivial term such as “negative”

If you are wrongly criticised in this way, remember, you are the thinker.

The ones who see things differently

Those calling you negative are not helping the cause because they represent the status quo. They frown apon new ideas and they keep doing the same things over and over. They do not make things better. They lead others into an infinite circle which goes nowhere and only creates the illusion of progress. Instead of following them, you can be like the ones in the video. You can be the one who can help everyone succeed because you can be the rebel.

Action Points

  • There is a status quo in activism. The status quo adopts a negative stance on new and better ideas so there is no forward progress.
  • Activists need to analyze what they do to see if they can do better. There are decades of history to learn from. Activists need to look at the history so they do not keep doing the same things over and over and getting nowhere.
  • There is a lot of activist theory out there. Most activist groups do very little of what the experts recommend.
  • An activist is not a pacifist. Activists need to challenge the status quo within the community by presenting the better argument.


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