Stronger Words and Actions in Activism.

We often hear the word unity in activism. A unified group can be more powerful than smaller groups and is almost always better, but what if the unified action(s) are not effective? What if the same things are being done over and over again and those things do not work. If you study the history of activism in Lyme, ME, and CFS you see the same repetitive events and those methods are not moving us forward. Unity is only good when everyone is supporting an effective strategy. Calls for unity are not helpful when it is used to back ineffective methods.

How do you move to more effective strategies?

Stronger words and actions need to be encouraged and not pushed aside. Usually the call for unity is done with good intentions, but sometimes it is not. It has been used to mean “Let’s keep doing the same things we have been doing and do not change or adapt.” What that means is maintain the status quo even if it is not working.

Existing strategies have not been effective. It is the same arguments year after year, decade after decade. We need a more powerful dominant narrative in Lyme, ME, and CFS activism. Calls for unity can come later after we learn what works. When that time comes we can be more certain we are working together in the strongest ways we can.

Here’s to the ones who see things differently

The main point to take from all this – Calls for unity when used to defend the status quo are not helpful. We need to allow stronger words and actions in activism against those who are harming us.

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