You Say You Want A Revolution…

One activist, Lynn Tylczak spent six years working to get a bitterant added to anti-freeze so children and pets wouldn’t drink it. She spent 50k of her own money and she refused to profit from the poisoning of innocent children. She keeps working unpaid on their behalf.

“Lynn Tylczak is only one example of the new breed of grassroots activists who scare the hell out of corporate America. Most commit to a cause after some personal experience drives them to become involved. Typically they act as individuals or small groups of citizens who have come together to address a local immediate threat to their lives, cities and neighborhoods. They are often treated with contempt by the professional environmentalists, health advocates and other public-interest organizations headquartered in Washington, DC. Many times they lack organizing expertise and money. They don’t have budgets or polished grant proposals needed to obtain funding from foundations and major donors. But corporations and the US government are spending tens of millions of dollars on PR and lobbying to fight these local community activists…”

“Today, grassroots anti-toxic environmentalism is a far more serious threat to polluting industries than the mainstream environmental movement. Not only do local activists network, share tactics, and successfully block many dumpsites and industrial developments, they also stubbornly refuse to surrender or compromise.”

No national environmental group is fighting the dumping of sewage sludge onto farmland, or exposing the risks inherent in the “biosolids” scam. Rural families, whose health or property has been damaged by toxic sludge, are heroes for spending their own time and money while enduring personal attacks from government and corporate PR flacks. Forget the EPA-they are in bed with the sludge industry. The public interest is better served by citizen activists …
In our own backyard – Madison, Wisconsin – we’ve seen plenty of inspiring stories of citizen activists – human beings with normal flaws and foibles who have risen to accomplish extraordinary things.

This describes environmental activism, but this is what we see in each of the CFS, Fibro, GWI, Lyme, ME, PTLDS, and VAX Injury communities. It is universal.

The takeaway message…

The dedicated activists who won’t compromise and are willing to use their own time and money are the activists who scare the hell out of industry. They are treated with contempt by the established organizations yet they are the ones who can accomplish extraordinary things.

– Toxic Sludge Is Good For You. p 199 – 201

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